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Fix Your Digestion

Welcome to the journey of you: far more than simply the avenue through which you impart nutrition, your gut exerts influence of every system of the body, from the far flung reaches of the neurological and hormonal systems, to the immune system and beyond.


Hi, I’m Jillian. I’ve been in the field of integrative medicine for ten years, and am an internationally recognized expert in digestive health. Also, I am really into bacteria and the microbiome and many things related to that, like brewing my own kombucha and gardening and composting. Books and birds set my heart a flutter. I was born to write things, so I do…


Got painful bladder syndrome/IC? Check out your gut…

Bladder pain, burning, spasm, urgency and frequency are some of the most exquisitely heartbreaking symptoms that can be experienced, for the persistence and permeation into all levels of your awareness, to the fact that conventional outcomes for non-infectious/non-UTI bladder symptoms are notoriously poor. Im talking about interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome […]