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DeStress Your Gut Academy

FRESHLY MINTED education exploring the complex relationship between stress and the gut. Whether you are someone who has experienced abuse, trauma or PTSD; have been diagnosed with IBS or IBD; or are curious about the central role your gut plays in neurological, hormonal and immune function through the grind of stress – this is for you. This is a technical Academy with lots of physiology, but nuanced too as we explore our own mindset, inner narratives, and habits. Start unwinding stress from your gut, improve your symptoms and decrease your risk for all chronic disease.

Detox Your Gut

Detoxification is one of the major functions of your digestive system, which houses 2 of the major organs of detoxification (liver and large intestine). Your body detoxifies twenty four hours a day. In this course we explore the role of the gut in detoxification, what faulty detoxification means and what the consequences of that are, common environmental pollutants that are easily avoided and of course how to increase and optimize your detoxification capacities – without having to “do a detox”…

Bladder School

Learn about interstitial cystitis and painful bladder syndrome (IC/PBS) and what to do about them as we explore the relationship between the gut and bladder. Much relief can be gained by shoring up digestive health, using nutritional tweaks and targeted supplementation and exercise. This free four day course is delivered straight to your inbox.

SIBO School

This School takes the SIBO checklist and expands it. SIBO is found concurrently with a wide array of digestive diagnoses and syndromes, but the generality and overlap of its symptoms means it can often go undiagnosed for a long time. Learn what SIBO is, why you need to know and care about biofilms, how to establish appropriate movement of your small & large intestines, the nuances of testing and treatment, and more…

Colitis Academy

Rates of IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and colitis are skyrocketing. There are known to be many causes and triggers of these more-common-than-you-think conditions. These conditions can be heartbreaking and socially isolating. Learn about the dietary and environmental triggers and mitigating factors for all forms of colitis, how to break a flare, lab work to consider and more…

Concussion Protocol

A tiered supplemental protocol for those with concussion, post-concussive syndrome or traumatic brain injury. ┬áThis protocol is designed to relieve the silent suffering of those who have been told they are fine, who even “look fine”. Guidelines on cognitive rest and alcohol restriction. Dietary and nutrient approaches to support the neurotransmitter imbalance, increased oxidative stress, inflammatory response and all of the disturbances those cause. Feeling super squirrelly or not like yourself after you hit your head or took a fall? Know or love someone with a concussion. This is for you.