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Natural Solutions for Digestive Health

The fastest way to get the broadest look at my work and approach to digestive health is to read my book, “Natural Solutions for Digestive Health”, which I co-authored with the lovely Jeannette Bessinger, who created all of the lovely recipes and menus for your palatable pleasure.

“Natural Solutions for Digestive Health” was written to take big, multifaceted concepts of digestion and its relationship to health and break them down into easy to understand ideas and applicable concept.

This is a book you can read from start to finish, or you can jump around as you see fit.

It is organized into five main sections, which are further broken down into chapters. The sections flow as follows:

Section One: the process of normal digestion, including a tour through all of the organs of digestion and their relationship to the brain and each other. In this section I also discuss what can go awry with digestion through each phase and each organ. This can often help pinpoint where symptoms are coming from.

Section Two: we are living in an unprecedented amount of digestive distress, money spent on digestive aids and medications and missed work. This correlates to our high stress modern lifestyles, less than optimal diets, and exposure to a mind-boggling array of chemicals, toxicants and pollutants. Section two helps us outline and understand what areas of our life we can shore up to improve digestive health, and why digestive health declines in the first place.

Section Three: the full Fix Your Digestion Gut Restoration Program is completely laid out in this section, along with step-by-step guides and protocols to find and eliminate food sensitivity, increase your digestive ability, support your microbiome, heal the lining of your gastrointestinal tract and de-stress your gut. This section includes your 28 day meal plan, if that’s what you’re looking for, including 45 scrumptious recipes.

Section Four: this section takes a deeper look at specific digestive conditions, from acid reflux to IBS to constipation to inflammatory bowel disease and more, and seemingly unrelated-to-the-gut conditions like asthma and fat loss resistance/metabolic damage. This section has additional tips and tricks you can layer into the Gut Restoration Program to customize it to your specific needs.

Section Five: unique to digestive health books, this section is entirely devoted to the unique digestive needs of children. rom building a healthy microbiome from birth to dealing with common childhood digestive distress, this section will enable you to help your children and provide quite an education into their developing guts.

“Natural Solutions for Digestive Health” is available wherever books are sold, on Amazon, and at Barnes and Noble.

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Natural Solutions for Digestive Health…

…provides an effective, easy to apply plan to optimize digestive health so you can become lean, vibrant, and your very best self.”

-JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS, New York Times best selling author