Candida Program

Take the next step in healing from Candida overgrowth…

Candida albicans is the most common fungal infection worldwide and in the United States. Overgrowth can occur anywhere in the body, but most commonly in the mouth, vagina, skin/scalp and gastrointestinal tract.

As you have learned in Candida Class, in terms of gastrointestinal overgrowth, appropriate diagnosis is critical for identifying Candida albicans overgrowth and for differentiating it from other forms of dysbiosis.

I have created a unique, four week program specifically for those who have been diagnosed with overgrowth of Candida in their guts. Additionally, there are sections in the Program for oral thrush, fungal skin infections and vaginal yeast infections, making the Candida Program truly a 4-in-1 healing solution.

The Candida Program was important for me to create because every day I see so much misinformation, over-emphasized information and just plain nonsense when it comes to Candida diagnosis & treatment. Each week I receive emails & DMs from confused folks looking for relief.

And relief is needed, yes?

Candida overgrowth creates a dizzying array of symptoms that are not confined to the gastrointestinal tract. Because these symptoms are so common, their true cause is often overlooked, most particularly by the conventional community.

After all, as isolating, frustrating and painful as Candida symptoms are, these same symptoms can be shared by dozens/hundreds of other causes.

Gas, bloating, distension, constipation, diarrhea (and alteration between the two), increased food or environmental sensitivities, anxiety, irritability & mood swings, insomnia & disrupted sleep, muscle & joint pain and the plethora of other symptoms are not unique to Candida overgrowth. Not to mention the exquisite itchiness and irritability of Candida infection in the mouth, vagina or on the skin.

You know better now. In Candida Class, you learned about teasing these symptoms out from other causes.

What is the difference between Candida Class and the Candida Program?

For those of you who are struggling with any form of Candida overgrowth, the Candida Program offers a targeted, do-it-yourself, four week solution. A more structured nutritional plan is laid out including graded options for fasting if desired. A targeted supplemental/herbal plan is laid out, alongside conventional treatment options (including indications, side effects & contraindications of conventional medications for Candida overgrowth).

In the Candida Program, I lay out my approach for both treatment AND preventing relapse of overgrowth. There is an entire section on calming down an over stimulated immune system and another on managing die-off (Herx) reactions.

There is an additional, fleshed out section on the judicious use of antibiotics. And dedicated sections to oral thrush, fungal skin infections & vaginal yeast infections.

Who is the Candida Program for?

  • Those who have been diagnosed with…
  • Candida overgrowth in their gut
  • Small intestine fungal overgrowth (SIFO)
  • Vaginal yeast infections
  • Oral thrush
  • Fungal skin/scalp infections

For those of you who have not been diagnosed, but suspect Candida overgrowth or dysbiosis, please see the Dysbiosis Detector, a PCR based stool test with analysis & treatment service that I am offering for a very limited time.

Who is the Candida Program NOT for?

  • Because the Program is specific for Candida overgrowth, it is not for those whose symptoms are coming from non-Candida organisms like pathogenic bacteria or parasites.
  • The Program is do-it-yourself and based in my video classroom, so the Program is not for those who require one-on-one attention.

How the Candida Program is delivered

After purchase, you will receive a confirmatory email from me.

The Candida Program begins Monday, June 17th in my online classroom. The day before the Program begins, you will receive an email invitation to enter the classroom and join the Program.

All of the videos, PDFs, downloadable resources & notes of Candida Class and the Candida Program are located in my online classroom, in one spot, and are yours forever.

Get started

The Candida Program is now closed, but be sure to sign up for my email list so you are the first to know when it returns!

If you are hesitating because you don’t know if you have Candida & you need help with diagnosis, please check out the Dysbiosis Detector, a testing and interpretation service that I am offering that includes the Candida Program as a bonus.

And as always, because I never want your money for something that is not useful for you, I offer a no-questions-asked, money back policy for 90 days after purchase. The maximum that PayPal allows.

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