Fussy Baby School

Does your baby have colic, reflux or silent reflux?

Up to 40% of babies are “fussy”, with extended bouts of inconsolable crying.

How do we know what is normal, what is colic, reflux or silent reflux? How can we support the tender digestion of infants? What can we do to ease our babies, and thus ourselves?

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I am thrilled to announce a partnership with my dear friend and colleague, pediatric expert Dr. Caitlin O’Connor – together we are bringing you a comprehensive framework for understanding your baby’s distress and easy strategies to soothe your baby and you.

What is the Fussy Baby School?

A three-day educational training that covers normal infant behavior, colic, reflux and silent reflux, delivered in an online video classroom that you can watch from the comfort of your own home, with downloadable materials and resources

Colic, reflux and silent reflux can be related but are not the same thing, we cover the overlap and differences of all three

Babies that are under six months old are unique: their nervous systems don’t regulate themselves, their guts are immature and they cannot talk to you about it, expressing their discomfort with crying – so we’ve got some strategies to help you support your baby as they develop, reducing crying and restlessness

Who is the Fussy Baby School for?

Fussy Baby School is for the parents, friends and caregivers of infants 6 months old or less

Fussy Baby School is for clinicians looking for a concise, one-stop resource that explains the multiple avenues through which fussiness can manifest, plus commonsense approaches to soothe babies experiencing fussiness, colic, reflux or silent reflux

The principles learned in Fussy Baby School can be applied to babies born vaginally or by C-section; who are breast or bottle fed; who are taking medication for reflux or not

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