Gallbladder & Liver School

Do you struggle with gallstones, gallbladder pain, fatty liver or IBS-D? Perhaps you’ve already had your gallbladder removed but are still experiencing symptoms?

What is Gallbladder & Liver School

A FREE, three-day training delivered via email and a video classroom specifically tackling gallbladder and liver trouble, teaching you how to get an appropriate diagnosis, risk factors for these conditions and related conditions, common misdiagnosis, and how to shape your nutrition to best support your gallbladder and liver, and resources to help you take a deeper look into your symptoms. School starts Monday, February 26th 2018!

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Gallbladder & Liver School with Dr. Jillian Teta

Why Gallbladder & Liver School?

These painful, bewildering conditions are extremely common: up to 20% of Americans will develop gallstones; a higher proportion are symptomatic without stones.

Fatty liver (both non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and fatty liver from excessive alcohol consumption) is the fastest-growing diagnosis in gastroenterology. No “medical cure” exists. Fatty liver is thought of as a disease of lifestyle, thus it can be managed and cured by how you live your life.

IBS-D is a subtype of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), an exquisitely common syndrome among all ages, characterized by diarrhea instead of constipation. This is one of the most isolating conditions I have ever seen, in my work with thousands of clients over the past decade. Gallbladder & Liver School will clear up a lot of misinformation about IBS-D and send you on a path to getting your symptoms under control.

Gallbladder removal is one of the most common procedures in the operating room, yet up to 33% of those with their gallbladders removed still experience symptoms. We will review the reasons for this, how to avoid it and how to approach management whether you do or do not have a gallbladder.

What you will learn in

Gallbladder & Liver School

  • Why gallstones form
  • Criteria for gallbladder removal – don’t let anyone *touch* your gallbladder without learning these
  • Five reasons why gallbladder removal doesn’t change symptoms
  • Why many symptoms attributed to the gallbladder are actually coming from the bile (but Bile School just doesn’t roll of the tongue)
  • Eating for gallbladder health
  • How fatty liver develops and three strategies to clear it out
  • Eating for liver health
  • Four mistakes folks with IBS-D make and how to remedy them so you can leave your house and take control of your life
  • How bile acid malabsorption is responsible for a significant slice of fecal urgency & what to do about it
  • The role your liver and gallbladder play in your overall health and detoxification

Who is Gallbladder & Liver School for

  • Those with pain in the upper right quadrant of their abdomen (where the liver & gallbladder reside)
  • Those with gallstones
  • Those with a “low functioning” gallbladder
  • Those with “gallbladder sludge” or “biliary sludge” or “sludgy bile”
  • Those with fatty liver (NAFLD or NASH or alcohol-induced fatty liver)
  • Those that consume more than 2 alcoholic drinks per day
  • Those with IBS-D (irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea type)
  • Those with bile acid diarrhea or bile acid malabsorption (BAD/BAM)

Stop slipping through the cracks and FEEL BETTER!

We kick off Monday, February 26th!

After you register, you will be sent a confirmation email. You must open the confirmation email and click the link to confirm in order to secure your spot – this is a necessary step in the age of the Internet and SPAM and robots.

After confirmation and before February 26th, you will be sent an email invitation to join the online classroom, which will be available the first day of School, 2/26.

The School is delivered via this video classroom and by email. You will be able to access School materials even after School is over, and you can also download all videos and resources.

Participants of my Gallbladder & Liver School will also have early access to the Gallbladder & Liver Program and an exclusive discount for the Program as a thank you for your interest and wanting to be on the inner track ;)

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