IC/PBS (interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome) Program

Interstitial cystitis and painful bladder syndrome (IC/PBS) are a silent epidemic affecting upwards of twenty million Americans. The symptoms associated with IC/PBS are heartbreaking, isolating and frustrating. Pain, burning, cramping, frequency, urgency, feeling full seconds after youve emptied your bladder, pain with intercourse, pelvic pain, inability to exercise, lack of desire to leave the house or the bathroom can all be a part of the daily lives of those living with IC/PBS. This very quickly reduces quality of life.

Conventional treatment of IC/PBS has notoriously poor outcomes, with efficacy not broadly common among all sufferers. This is not for lack of desire or of effort, but because conventional treatment does not always take into consideration the myriad of factors that can be causing or exacerbating IC/PBS and their consequences.

Its been demonstrated that IC/PBS can have a variety of contributing and confounding factors beyond an idiopathic (unknown) origin. Defects in the bladder lining, aberrant neurological signaling, pelvic floor dysfunction, histamine overproduction or intolerance, autoimmune activity, APF (anti proliferative factor), inflammatory compounds secondary to metabolic toxemia, and as a consequence of concomitant conditions like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.

I have developed the IC/PBS Program to broadly tackle symptoms by adding good, supportive stuff in and reducing or eliminating bad/irritating stuff, and have added arms that address all of the potential factors listed above. This allows you to mix and match approaches as you need, because perhaps youve got pelvic floor dysfunction and known nerve signal conduction problems. If you dont know exactly what your core issues would be, Ive listed out testing and other options for you to explore so you can fine-tune your diagnosis.

In the Program I take you through the exact elimination diet and supplement protocols that I use with my clients. I have created an exercise program specific for IC/PBS and share this as well. In addition to the material and tools in the protocols, Ive shot over a dozen videos covering everything from the bladder and how it works and functions and what goes wrong, in depth discussion of the different pathologies of IC/PBS and tools to combat them, and a complete review and breakdown of conventional treatments, including their pros and cons, nutrient depletions (you want to replete nutrients that medications rob) and what may work for you based on your symptoms.

This Program is appropriate for those who are taking medication or getting conventional treatments, or those who are not. While it is not a substitute for medical care, it will give you quite an education on your bladder and how to support it using nutrition, nutrients, herbs, movement, exercise, mindfulness and retraining.

What is the IC/PBS Program?

The IC/PBS Program is a do-it-yourself Program delivered via videos and PDFs for you to review and refer back to at your own pace. On Tuesday, March 21st our virtual classroom will be open (you will get an access link) with all of the material there and ready to go – for you to review all at once or to pace yourself over days to weeks.


  • Anatomy and physiology of the bladder
  • What goes wrong in IC/PBS – signs, symptoms and bladder changes
  • A silent epidemic – facts and figures for IC/PBS
  • Overview of the causes of IC/PBS
  • Defects in the bladder lining
  • The role of histamine in IC/PBS
  • Nervous system changes and neurogenic causes of IC/PBS
  • Autoimmunity and the bladder
  • APF (anti proliferative factor) and its role in IC/PBS
  • Review of conventional treatment, drug nutrient depletions and considerations
  • Integrative approaches to IC/PBS
  • IC/PBS nutrition
  • IC/PBS exercise
  • De-stressing with IC
  • IC/PBS supplement protocol


  • Bladder School, formatted into an ebook
  • IC/PBS nutrition and elimination diet
  • IC/PBS exercise protocol
  • IC/PBS regimen with supplement protocol, elimination diet schedule

Who is the IC/PBS Program for?

  • Women and men who have been diagnosed with IC or PBS.
  • Those with bladder symptoms secondary to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
  • Women and men with bladder symptoms due to autoimmune conditions.
  • Women and men with bladder symptoms due to complex pain syndromes (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome).
  • Those with bladder pain secondary to physical trauma, birth or pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • Those who may not know where their bladder pain is coming from, and want to explore that and options for feeling better.

Who the Program is not for

  • The IC/PBS Program includes an elimination diet, so anyone unwilling to do that should not pick the program up.
  • Those looking for a quick fix or magic bullet. The elimination diet is two to four weeks, bladder tissue heals over twelve weeks, nervous system retraining can take months and most of us cant handle all of our life stressors overnight ;) This is not a gimmick program, and is not appropriate for those who want one.

What to expect from the IC/PBS Program

Your understanding and knowledge of bladder health and dysfunction will be greatly expanded, but more importantly, you can achieve relief from the symptoms of IC/PBS and experience less frequency and urgency, more comfort, more connection to the links between the internal and external environment and symptoms, greater mindfulness, and tools to further your health journey.

The Program is continuously running. You will receive a link to join a virtual classroom and voila, you begin!

 This Program is important to me and I hope that it lands in as many hands as possible because I know it works, and I have witnessed first hand the wrenching misery that can plague those with IC/PBS.

The IC/PBS Program is available now

The Program begins upon payment and confirmation of enrollment. After you buy, you will be asked to confirm your humanity (a necessity of the Internet Age!). Within 24 hours of confirmation, you will receive your invite into the Program.

I never, ever wish to sell you something that is not of service to you, and that is why I offer a 90 day return policy.

Total Value $267

Your Investment $47