Leaky Gut/Immune Activation/Autoimmune School

Are you having a really hard time healing your gut?

Super sensitive to everything, including food, smells, lights, chemicals & motion?

Do bad reactions to foods pile up no matter what you eliminate from your diet?

Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder?

I’ve got something for you. My FREE five-day training explores the relationship between the digestive and immune systems to give you a new approach. Delivered via an online classroom with downloadable PDFs and resources, you can enjoy and learn at your own pace.

The vast majority of your immune system resides in your gastrointestinal tract. A dysfunctional immune response can initiate and maintain increased intestinal permeability – leaky gut. Leaky gut in turn fosters food and sensory sensitivities and immune provocation, which keeps the cycle in play continuously.

Reactions to food and sensory input, mast cell activation syndrome, leaky gut, autoimmunity and perpetual digestive symptoms that do not heal with appropriate, well-established protocols are on the same spectrum of this immune-intestinal lining dysfunction.

I am extremely excited to share this missing link with you.

Why I created this School

Here’s the thing: as a clinician, no matter how many folks you help, it’s the ones that you don’t help that you spend the most time thinking about. I have learned that even the best gut restoration protocols will fail in a certain subset of folks if the immune system is not directly addressed – because their immune system is preventing resolution of leaky gut. Unresolved leaky gut stimulates the wrong kind of immune response, leaving you inflamed and sensitive. The two sides prime each other.

The Missing Link

Highly effective protocols to eliminate symptoms and promote digestive bliss include the right foods, the ability to break down those foods, a happy microbiome, an intact intestinal lining and a balanced Second Brain. Yet if your immune system is off the rails, this framework is not enough.

Symptoms will persist, increase and expand beyond the gut: rashes, skin irritations and itches, brain fog, irritability, joint/muscle pan, headaches, hormonal imbalance, swelling/holding water/edema, fatigue…and new sensitivity to foods and substances once tolerated.

The Leaky Gut/Immune Activation/Autoimmune School is my newest tool and training for those for whom all else has failed – the ones I spend my nights thinking about. This School will equip you with actionable steps to address the co-hosts immune overstimulation and leaky gut.

What will you learn?

  • How leaky gut develops, including via food, the microbiome, environmental exposures and the immune system
  • How unchecked leaky gut leads to a dysfunctional immune response
  • The development of autoimmunity through the loss of tolerance and dysfunctional immune response
  • The relationship between the gut and the immune system
  • The anatomy of the lining of the small intestine, and its unique structure and function
  • Different types of immune cells and how they can be calmed through diet and nutrients
  • The players of histamine intolerance
  • How reactions to food can be felt outside of the digestive tract: circulation of antigens, inflammation and toxicants
  • The difference between food allergy and food intolerance and food sensitivity
  • How foods you tolerated last week are now giving you problems
  • What keeps the immune system in good shape
  • How to calm an overstimulated immune system
  • The foods that heal leaky gut
  • Foods to emphasize and avoid in autoimmune conditions
  • All about mast cell activation syndrome
  • How undiagnosed infections in the gut keep the cycle of symptoms going
  • My framework for gut restoration
  • And a lot more

Who is this School for?

  • Those who have been working on their guts long-term without relief
  • Those who have generalized symptoms without explanation or relief (rashes, skin irritations and itches, brain fog, irritability, joint/muscle pan, headaches, hormonal imbalance, swelling/holding water/edema, fatigue)
  • Those with leaky gut
  • Those with autoimmunity
  • Those with mast cell activation syndrome
  • Those with relapsing infections: dysbiosis, SIBO, viruses, upper respiratory infections, reactivated EBV, chronic UTI
  • Those with multiple chemical sensitivities
  • Those with multiple food sensitivities
  • Those with histamine intolerance
  • Those that swell and hold water easily
  • Clinicians or health coaches looking to increase their knowledge in digestive and immune health (leaky gut, immune activation, autoimmunity) to bring solutions to their clients
  • Those who have been told they are “complicated” or “sensitive”
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about these things and get tools to effectively deal with them

Are you in?

The Leaky Gut/Immune Activation/Autoimmune School starts as soon as you sign up! It is delivered via an online classroom. You will have access to the daily lessons and all of their associated resources, forever (well, especially if you download them, lol!)!

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