Treatment & healing solutions for SIBO…

Introducing one of my most popular free Schools specifically for those struggling with or curious about small intestine bacterial overgrowth! SIBO School is a four-day training designed to give you a complete education on this prevalent condition. You’ll gain the confidence and knowledge to assess if your symptoms could be SIBO, get appropriately tested & treated, prevent relapse and feel your best!

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SIBO is tricky because its symptoms are generalized: gas, bloating, belching, distension, stomach pain, reflux, cramping, nausea constipation, diarrhea, joint & muscle pain, mood changes, skin rashes, brain fog, fatigue….these can be caused by dozens of things, yes? It is precisely these general symptoms that prevent health care providers from thinking about SIBO as the cause for your woes.

To make things even more obscure, SIBO is often found alongside other common digestive disorders like IBS, IBD, colitis, gallstones and Celiac disease. Your symptoms are ascribed to only these conditions, thus obscuring SIBO. 

There is a misconception that SIBO lacks standardized testing & interpretation, despite multiple published sources and statements from boards and consensus groups. You will learn the testing options for SIBO, what they mean and how to move forward based on them.

The generalized symptoms of SIBO and its presence with other digestive distress combined with the skepticism from some members of the conventional medical community ensure that YOU lose. You waste precious time feeling terrible and not getting appropriately treated –> not anymore!

I created SIBO School precisely to fill these gaps.

In SIBO School, you will learn…

  • What causes SIBO (it’s not probiotics or kombucha!)
  • What increases your risk for SIBO (conditions, medications, surgeries, injury & more)
  • The many symptoms of SIBO, and how to tease out if your symptoms are being caused by SIBO or something else
  • The function of a normal small intestine and one with SIBO
  • Why the Second Brain is so important in the SIBO discussion
  • Testing options: breath tests, small intestine aspiration & their limitations, pros & cons
  • The difference between glucose & lactulose breath testing
  • How to interpret your test results
  • Treatment options for SIBO, including antibiotics, natural antimicrobials and biofilm busters
  • Why understanding biofilms are CRUCIAL for treatment
  • Why relapse happens and how to prevent it
  • Dietary strategies for SIBO treatment
  • Preventing relapse

…and so much more.

The ultimate goal of SIBO School is to instill confidence in you so that you can speak intelligently about SIBO & navigate the waters of testing and treatment. I will teach you the exact protocols I use in my clinic to prevent relapse and free yourself of symptoms FOR GOOD. I want you to feel your best and move forward with your life!

You will complete SIBO School with a strategy for action and the tools to implement it.

And hey, it’s free so I hope to see you there!