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Lessons from Gluten & the 3 Greatest Teachers of Your Life

There is something about traveling that makes me very contemplative. Being catapulted out of familiar routines and away from familiar faces. Feeling like a bit of flotsam bobbing down this huge city and its millions of people and the smells of grilling meat, baking bread, cigarette smoke and exhaust commingling. […]

The Elimination-Challenge Diet: How Do I Know if I Am Sensitive to a Food?

Could the food you eat be actually harming you?   One of the most frustrating challenges we face as we begin to wade in the ocean of ?Let Me Figure Out My Health Issues? is to determine: could something I?m eating be contributing to my symptoms? Because the truth is, […]

Are Food Allergies Making You Fat?

Most of us think we probably have a good idea of the foods that can make us gain weight: candy, soda, sugar, cookies, cakes, etc. In fact, the results of a large study were recently released that confirmed what we all know – and the sugar industry does its best […]

A Different Type of Food Sensitivity, Histamine Intolerance

Diamine oxidase (DAO) is an enzyme that your body uses to break down ingested histamine. There are a wide variety of foods that contain histamine, and it is DAO’s job to break this histamine down. DAO also helps with the integrity of the gut lining, protecting us from leaky gut […]