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There Is More Than One Way to Have a Gluten Sensitivity

Long have I rallied against sentences like these: If you don’t have Celiac disease – which hardly anybody does – you can eat as much gluten as you want! Gluten is a toxic molecule unfit for human consumption in any circumstance! Statements such as these – in addition to being […]

Is it worth eliminating gluten from your diet?

One of the most common questions I field is this: “Jillian, how do I know if I have a gluten sensitivity? How do I know that I should avoid gluten?” This is a great question, and one that for the most part lacks a super-fast, blanket-statement type answer. If you […]

Lessons from Gluten & the 3 Greatest Teachers of Your Life

There is something about traveling that makes me very contemplative. Being catapulted out of familiar routines and away from familiar faces. Feeling like a bit of flotsam bobbing down this huge city and its millions of people and the smells of grilling meat, baking bread, cigarette smoke and exhaust commingling. […]

8 Ways to De-Bloat Fast from a Sugar (or other) Binge

I just got back from a weekend away with my best girlfriends from high school. Each year we pick a weekend and a suitable location and we leave everything behind and just go hang out with each other, catch up, laugh and of course, eat. As you may or may […]

Interview with Esther Blum

Ms. Esther Blum is a Registered Dietician with a functional spin. She is the creative force behind the Living Gorgeous blog and a Best-Selling author and THIS WEEK she has released her fourth book, “Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat”. We’ve recieved word that it is slated to hit the New York […]

Gluten Free Guide

What is gluten and why should you care? Gluten is a protein molecule found in wheat, barley, rye and some other grains. Intolerance to gluten is on the rise in the US, in part due to how gluten-containing grains are grown these days. The gluten we eat today is not […]