Free Programs + Education

Gallbladder & Liver School

Still symptomatic after gallbladder removal? Gallstones? Fatty liver? Sludgy bile? IBS-D? Bile acid malabsorption? This free training navigates you through the why of these conditions, teaches you how to eat to support liver & gallbladder health and uncovers the common denominator in these exquisitely common conditions.

Digestion School

A ten day online course breaking down all of the layers of digestion and how to create a framework for when things go wrong. Digestion School takes you through finding and eliminating food sensitivities, how to support your digestive “fire” and improve your ability to digest your food, keep your microbiome healthy and your second brain happy and balanced, all while maintaining good integrity of your gut lining, too Testing options for ruling in or out bowel disorders and diagnoses is discussed, along with a reading list of my favorite mindset-shifting books.

IBS School

Based upon Digestion School, this is a ten day online course that is specifically tailored to those with IBS. Upon completion, you will have an understanding of the unique changes to your body when IBS is present, along with how to tailor and choose food, exercise/movement, supplements, sleep and more. Many lifestyle hacks are reviewed that help soothe the gut and your second brain. Testing considerations for IBS and for including/excluding IBS and other disorders that may be mistaken for IBS.

The Constipation  Correction

Super robust education and program covering all aspects of the causes for constipation. Hint – it’s rarely a fiber issue! The Constipation Correction is delivered via PDFs and will give you a variety of nutritional, supplemental, lifestyle, exercise, movement and de-stressing strategies to get you going. You CAN poop for free.

19 Point Checklist

Perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to make any dietary changes, this checklist and how-to will give you nineteen things to do to help improve your digestion without changing your nutrition at all. If you are planning on making dietary change or you have already, it’s all good, this guide will help you, too!

The Winter Guide

My basically fool proof guide for beefing up your immune system during those cooler times of year, or if you’re a teacher, work in public health or anywhere where you are surrounded by people – ways to keep your immune system strong year round.